It's All About Bays
Building with bays is much like building with blocks, not quite child's play! But almost as much fun.

All Steel Homes are a portal frame building, consisting of a floor system, the frames that make up the "house" and the roof. Each portal or bay is 3.6m wide and are either 7.2m (standard) or 9m long.

The benefit of using a portal frame system is that you can move your internal walls almost anywhere you want them allowing you to custom design your interior at no extra charge!

We start with one bay like this, a little boring but that can be fixed!

Adding one more gets us to the basic house size (yet to add the verandas front and back which come standard on all designs)

Then we go to a 3 bay home, this time we'll add the verandas for some perspective

So quite simply by adding more bays you make a larger home. It's a basic concept that works easily and allows for a range of easy to manipulate designs. In the above drawing the portal frames are represented by the vertical lines and do not interfere with where you may want to add walls. It is possible to put windows or doors on the ends of the home however we strongly advised against it due to exposure to weather and heat absorption that will effect the homes energy rating.
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