All Steel Homes is an engineered steel frame and materials supplier. Our houses are designed for cyclonic strength and ease of construction. See our 'Animation' for an overall concept, click on the tab over there on the right.......if only it was this easy! Feel free to contact our friendly staff with any queries and for more details on how to conveniently build from the Bush to the Beach.  

Please also see our list of inclusions.

By sourcing the products below you have the ability to shop, negotiate and buy from your local suppliers. This supports your community and can reduce or eliminate transit damage and freight. It can allow for you to change your mind up until time of purchase, see actual products before making decisions, control your costs, talk to the experts about their products and time deliveries to coincide with your project schedule.

You certainly don't want to have timber, windows, insulation, insect screens and plasterboard lying around your site to get wet, damaged or stolen!

As All Steel Homes' customers you may be entitled to Owner Builder's discounts at certain suppliers. See 'finishing suppliers.'

Not included in our listed prices:-

Soil tests or hydraulic (septic system) engineering.
Building or plumbing fees.
Windows and doors.
Timber, flooring and decking.
Insulation, wrap or roof vents.
Balustrading. (Only required for flooring over 1.000 metre from the ground.)
P.C. Items, Electrical, tiling or plumbing supplies.
Plaster board, soffits, verandah lining and associated products.
Step treads and stringers for your varying land levels.

For the most complete and up to date information please contact our office. See the contacts page for details.

This list is indicative only and may change at our discretion without prior warning. E.&O.E.

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