Standard Homes Inclusion List
 We include the following in our listed prices: -

 Architectural drawings and a site plan to lodged with your Council or Building Certifier.

 Structural engineering to the specific wind rating for your building site (including cyclone zones) a structural bracing plan, concrete slab design or floor system engineering and the Local Council required Form 15 for your project.

 A Six Star Energy Efficiency Rating Compliance Report.

 Front and rear full length 2.4 metre verandahs.


All Steel Flooring system: -

 Steel floor stumps to 1.0m above ground on level site.

 Steel verandah posts and hot dipped galvanised brackets to support floor system.

 Galvanised steel bearers and Zincalume floor joists.

 Particle board Flooring.


All Steel Portal frame: -

 Heavy Duty SHS hot dipped galvanised brackets columns and mullions with laser precision cut brackets to precisely match rafter and bearer bolt patterns for ease of as-sembly.

 BlueScope Steel New Generation Zincalume roof purlins, ceiling framework and stud and plate internal and external wall framing.

 Steel bracing and tensioners.


All Steel Cladding and Roof: -

 BlueScope Colorbond Custom Orb Corrugated 0.42mm BMT roof sheeting.

 BlueScope Colorbond Custom 0.42mm BMT cladding.

 Reflecta-Guard thermal break waterproof wrapping to the external walls.

 BlueScope Colorbond guttering, barges and trim.

All bolts and screws required for fixing and installation of the components are supplied and everything is delivered to your building site.


Optional extras that can be supplied with your materials: -

Relecta-Guard R3.5 insulation to the roof/ceiling.

Larger verandahs to 5.0m wide, end and surround verandahs.

Stramit’s C280 Steel Cladding and various other weatherboard products.

 Rotating roof vents, solar and wind driven.

Taller stumps for sloping blocks and Hi-Set homes.

Double gutter "Queenslander" roof styles, including Dutch and hip roof.

Homes to be build on concrete slabs.

Bluescope Steel cladding from Lysaght and Stramit ranges.


** ‘Lock-up stage’ items that for various practical reasons are not included and best sourced from your local suppliers and aluminum windows, doors, timber decking and steps.**

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