By owner building or owner managing the construction of your new home you'll have a sense of control that you don't enjoy when dealing with a traditional builder. When you run the construction you know exactly who is on site, who is doing each aspect of the work, you can inspect jobs as they are completed and more importantly before the trades person leaves the site, but best of all, you'll save the considerable cost a builder will charge to oversee and manage your construction. As an owner builder you are also exempt from the considerable costs of the Portable Long Service Levy and QBCC Builder's Insurance that all house builders must pay, costs that are inevitably passed on to you if a house builder is engaged.

Some owner builders get on the tools and have an active role in constructing their home, while others only take on the role of manager, negotiating with tradespeople regarding timing, delivery, selection, supply and quantity of materials and the costs to get the job done. Others take a combined approach, a little from column "A" and a little from column "B" so to speak.

Owner building and managing gives you the flexibility to hunt for bargains and source materials from sales and various suppliers that a builder would not bother with. Furthermore, few full house builders, personally undertake facets of the construction and use sub-contractors and tradies, but these are the same local guys that you can engage directly! And think about it, who has a greater interest in the workmanship, cost and timing of your project than you?

Owner Builder courses can be completed online for a couple of hundred dollars and only take a few hours to complete. Pay the QBCC building authority fee, usually around $400 and you are then the official builder for your home.

Imagine the end result when you can show your new house to your family and friends when they come around for the warming party and you can say that you owner built and saved thousands!

At All Steel Homes we organise the Structural Engineering, Architectural Plans and 'Six Star Energy Rating' for you to lodge with your local Building Certifier and send the contracted materials to your site. Once approved you engage a tradesman to build it to lock-up and others to finish the fit-out following the procedures in the owner builder course. Our straight forward designs and in-house mainframe preparation make the erection of our buildings relatively simple and fast, saving time and tradies' construction costs.

Please feel free to ring our office for further details. 

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